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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03Order of Charity Newsletter : March 2021Cini, Joe; The Raoul Follereau Foundation (Malta). The Order of Charity
2011The outgoing correspondence of Fra' Gregorio Carafa, Grand Master of the Order of St. John (1680 to 1690)Spiteri, Mark Anthony
2018-07-29A Painting for the Apse of Paola Parish ChurchCiantar, Zammit
2011Partiti, Clientele, Diplomazia : La nomina dei Vescovi di Malta dalla donazione di Carlo V alla fine del Viceregno SpagnoloD'Avenia, Fabrizio
1961The position and general organisation of the legal profession in Maltese islands throughout the domination of the knights of St. John and up to the third decade of British rulePace, Joseph R.
2018De Redin towers of Malta : a contemporary geographic evaluationSavic, Milan
2007Reforms in the Holy Infirmary, 1680Bonello, Giovanni
2017Renaissance paintings in the Maltese islands : early fifteenth to mid-sixteenth centuries : a study and catalogue of works in Maltese collectionsDimech, Lydia
1994The ship-surgeon in the navy of the Order of St. John in MaltaCassar, Paul
1980The Siege of Rhodes, 1480Butler, Lionel
2017Some European 18th century fine bookbindings from the National Library of Malta : a decorative overviewBorg, Maria
2014The sovereign military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – a general history of the Order of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2012The state of the Hospitaller commandery of the Santissima Trinità of Ferrara in the late eighteenth centuryAttard Cassar, Christine
2005Statwa tal-ġebel ta' Sta. Katarina f’San GirgorAbela, Joe
2021-01Storja-Oggett 4 : Programmes 1-13Buttigieg, Emanuel; Gauci, Liam
2020-10Swar Kennija 1 : Programmes 1-13Zammit, Vincent
2021-01Swar Kennija 2 : Programmes 1 - 13Zammit, Vincent
1937-09Taqtigħa fil-kunvent ta' San Duminku tal-BeltGatt, Ġużè
2018A visual urbanization of Mount Sceberras under Ottoman ruleVella, Jonathan
2017Vjolenza u serq legali : programs 1-17Pirotta, Joe; Gauci, Liam