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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Setting the stage : a banquet for a KnightButtigieg, Noel
1980The Siege of Rhodes, 1480Butler, Lionel
2008Some early form of financial instruments found in mid-sixteenth century MaltaAbela, Joan
2007Some educational programmes run by the Order of St John for naval personnel in 17th and 18th century MaltaCassar, George
2014The sovereign military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – a general history of the Order of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
1970The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M)Said, E.
2014Stemming Vice : a proposal for Hospitaller virtuous living in Ancien Regime MaltaZammit, William; Bonello, Giovanni
2020Stereotyping the enemy : Turcica at St John'sMunro, Dane
2014The stolen stones of the Victoria LinesSpiteri, Stephen C.
2018The struggle for supremacy : the Mediterranean world in 1453 and beyondCassar, George; Munro, Dane; Buttigieg, Noel
2015-11The suppression of the Order of St Anthony of Vienne in 1775 : the consequent interactions between the Order of the Hospital and the Order of St LazarusGatt, Raymond
1988-06-19Tagħrif storiku dwar din il-kappellaBonello, Joseph
2021-10Tahdita Clio - S1 : 13 programmesButtigieg, Emanuel; Gauci, Liam
2023-01Tahdita Clio - S5 : 13 programmesButtigieg, Emanuel; Gauci, Liam
2023-04Tahdita Clio - S6 : 13 programmesButtigieg, Emanuel; Gauci, Liam
2014Tales from the stage : aspects of Hospitaller forms of cultural entertainment (1530-1798)Cassar, Francesca
2015A territory of grace : Lampedusa during early modern timesMercieca, Simon; Muscat, Joseph
2008The Teutonic OrderMunro, Dane
2015A timeless gentleman [Book Review]Vella, Theresa
2018To eat & drink with the enemyButtigieg, Noel