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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Casal Musta under the Order's rule in the eighteenth century : the people and their administratorsCassar, George
2008The castles and fortresses of RhodesSpiteri, Stephen C.
2019-03-03Church modelling: A traditional hobby associated with historyGalea, Vincent
2013The city-fortress of Valletta in the Baroque ageDe Lucca, Denis
2007’Clash of civilizations’, Crusades, Knights and Ottomans : an analysis of Christian-Muslim interaction in the MediterraneanButtigieg, Emanuel
2018A collective image of the Order of St John through Maltese history schoolbooksCassar, George
2000A concise history of MaltaCassar, Carmel
1962The Crusades and the HospitalsRisley, Mary
2004Cultural links between Rhodes and MaltaUniversity of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies
2016The decline and fall of the Sacra InfermeriaBonello, Giovanni
2012Decorated Great Siege armours for the Hospitaller Knights at the Palace Armoury Museum, VallettaNavarro, Franco
2014Defending a Mediterranean island outpost of the Spanish Empire : the case of MaltaCassar, George
2021The defensive landscape of Ramla Bay in the 18th centuryMifsud, Jasmine (2021)
2013The development of the hospitaller commandery of St Oswald in Würzburg from 1200-1805Felix Mussik
2006Divertimento insieme, e sollievo del popolo : the Coccagna as manifestation of Benevolent Despotism in Ancien Regime MaltaZammit, William; Camilleri, Maroma; Vella, Theresa
1981The duties of the Secreto during the period of the HospitallersGalea Scannura, Charles
1994Encampment orders : Order of Knights of MaltaMoore, Charles W.
2018Epilogue [The struggle for supremacy : the Mediterranean world in 1453 and beyond]Munro, Dane
2018The eventful history of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria Reina de SigenaTreviño Martínez, Rafael; Cassar, George
2015Feeding the besiegedButtigieg, Noel