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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Don Lucio Martinez d'Aragona fondatore della "Commenda Martinez" di Siracusa del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Maltad'Aragona, Bruno
1974Early Maltese popular attitudes to the government of the Order of St. JohnWettinger, Godfrey
1975English merchants' initial contacts with Malta: a reconsiderationMallia-Milanes, Victor
1978Female employees in the medical services of the Order of St. John in MaltaCassar, Paul
1971The first minting of fiduciary copper coinage in Malta: 1565 or 1566?Sant, Michael A.
2009Fra Dr Giuseppe ZammitMelbourne, Adrian
1980French military engineers in Malta during the 17th and 18th centuriesDe Lucca, Denis
1982From the diary of a priest in Senglea during the French blockadeFiorini, Stanley
1980Galley replacements in the Order's squadron (c.1600-c.1650)Grima, Joseph Francis
2008Gawhar li jzejnu lil Hal BalzanMaggi, George
1977Giovanni Antonio Ciantar letterato maltese del settecentoMangion, Giovanni
1973Girolamo Cassar architetto maltese del cinquecentoMangion, Giovanni
1978Girolamo Manduca: his life and worksBorg, Vincent
1978Giuseppe Zahra, maltese, professore nell'Universita di CataniaGrillo, Raffaele
1980Grand Master Nicholas Cottoner and the foundation of the lectureship of anatomy and surgery 1676Cassar, Paul
2003Grand Masters in the Cinquecento : their persona & deathBonello, Giovanni
1990Grandmaster de Rohan's astronomical observatory (1783-1789)Ventura, Frank
2018-06-24Hal Qormi: rahal bi storja sabihaMicallef, Emanuel
1959Houses in Kingsway and Old Bakery Street, VallettaDenaro, Victor F.
1958Houses in Merchants Street, VallettaDenaro, Victor F.