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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Recent trends in industrial law.Barbara, Anthony
1979Reggie Miller and his General Workers' Union : 1943-55Borg, Joseph R. (1979)
2006Reported increase in union membership called into questionDebono, Manwel
2013Resisting downward wage flexibilityRizzo, Saviour
2019The rise of foreign workers in Malta : trade unions’ perspectivesFarrugia, Maria
2016The role of social partners in the design and implementation of policies and reforms – MaltaDebono, Manwel
2009School teachers stage one-day strike over working conditionsDebono, Manwel
2016Social dialogue and decent work in MaltaDebono, Manwel
2003The social partners, dialogue & industrial relations in MaltaZammit, Edward L.
2022A sociological analysis of unions and the Maltese gig economyAxisa, Luca (2022)
2001Sħubija soċjali : partecipazzjoni jew manipolazzjoni?Sammut, Salv (2001)
2004Teachers' union concerned about proposed education reformsDebono, Manwel
2006Teachers’ union protests against violence in schoolsDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2004Tertiarisation of the Maltese economy : its impact on labour relationsBellia, Anthony (2004)
2011Thirteen years later : trade unions in the Maltese private sector revisitedBaldacchino, Godfrey; Gatt, Rebecca
2004Tmiem il-kolonjalizmu f'Malta 1 : program 2Pirotta, Joe; Cassar, Daphne
2006Tmiem il-kolonjalizmu f'Malta 7 : programs 1 - 17Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joe
2007Tmiem il-kolonjalizmu f'Malta 9 : programs 1 - 17Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joe
2008Trade union clashes with microelectronics company over suspended pay increasesTabone, Charles; Debono, Manwel
2009Trade union density in Malta from 1953 to 2008Baldacchino, Godfrey; Debono, Manwel