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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Original and dubbed telecinematic input and Italian L2 acquisition in MaltaCaruana, Sandro; Pavesi, Maria; Ghisa, Elisa
2019Perceptions of different stakeholders on the year 3 and 4 foreign language awareness programmeZammit, Graziella Rose
2019-06Peter Garrett & Cots, Josep M. Cots (eds.) (2018) : The Routledge Handbook of Language Awareness [book review]Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2006Phonological development of Maltese-speaking childrenGrech, Helen
2017Promouvoir le francais a Malte : considerations autour des programmes d'introduction au francais a l'ecole primaireCaruana, Andrei
2013Regional accent variation in the shadowing task : evidence for a loose perception - action coupling in speechMitterer, Holger; Musseler, Jochen
2017Risk and protective environmental factors for early bilingual language acquisitionGatt, Daniela; O'Toole, Ciara
2014Secondary school and sixth form learners’ performance in spoken interaction in French as a foreign languageBondin, Sara
2015Speaking their language. Reviving the teaching of foreign languages in secondary schools in Malta. The Language Proficiency Assessment National ProjectPace, Mario
2016The teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes : the way forwardPace, Mario
2015The teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes – how and whyPace, Mario
2012Twin speak : a case study of language development in a set of fraternal twins where one has Down syndromeCamilleri, Marie Therese
2014Uniqueness typing for a higher-order languageFrancalanza, Adrian; Zammit, Melanie
2009Uniqueness typing for resource management in message-passing concurrencyDevries, Edsko; Francalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2009'"Uża DDD - Likwidu, balzmu, sapun" : il linguaggio della pubblicità nel giornali maltesi dei primi anni '60Caruana, Sandro; A .A. V. V.