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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of transformational leadership and breakthrough leadership on organizational performance through the variable of employee satisfaction : a case studyTriraharjo, Joko; Aima, Havidz; Sutawijaya, Achmad; Badawy Saluy, Ahmad
2017The effects and management of cultural differences during the integration process of mergers and acquisitionsSciriha, Ivan; Debono, Manwel
2015-09eLeadership : are we getting it right?Gatt, Matthew
2015Employee engagement in a pharmaceutical manufacturing company : a case study of Actavis (Malta) Ltd.Jones, John Gilbert
2012Enabling a learning organisation : a case study within SR Technics Malta LtdGiordano Imbroll, Jessica
2020Endeavor agility on consumption value through affirming an acceptable degree of utilization esteem for new itemsSabir, Almas; Znaidi, Kaouther; Abdul Qayum, Mir Nimer
2013An examination of the relationship between authentic leadership and psychological well-being and the mediating role of meaningfulness at workCassar, Vincent; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2015Exploring the gap between pseudo-knowledge and evidence-based findings on leadership in a local manufacturing organization : implications for improving leadership developmentGauci Davison, Hurston
2015Financial accounting and management control (the tensions and conflicts between uniformity and uniqueness) a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
2014From management to leadership : the challenge for executive secretaries in local councilsFlores, Svetlick
2014Gender differences in leadership : leadership styles and subordinate satisfaction within the employment and training corporationHollier, Christianne
2009Innovation management in audiovisual production organisations in MaltaBlackburn Sciberras, Rachael (2009)
2019INSIGHTS 2019. Conference proceedingsPace, Mario; Pace, Mario; Peresso, Randolph; Cordina, Etienne
2015The interactive effect of leadership, climate, and strategy on innovationSaliba, Oliver (2015)
2010Leader interaction patterns in the fields of mini-soccer and mini-basketball : a local studyCardona, Joselle Pia
2013Leaders management and personnel controlling in SMEsBreckova, Pavla; Havlicek, Karel
2009Leadership and creativity : an analysis of creative leadership at visual trends internationalFlores, Gavril (2009)
2016Leadership traits of military instructors within the Armed Forces of MaltaDimech, Charles
2009-12Leadership with a small 'l'Caruana, Noel
2017Learning from experience in a national healthcare system : organisational dynamics that enable or inhibit change processesDalmas, Miriam