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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Conceptualizing possibilities of artificial intelligence in furtherance of the banking sector : an effective tool for improving customer relationship, customer service and public relationsQadiri, Roheed Mehmood; Shabir, Nairah; Qadri, Monisa
2021Does financial inclusion reduce non-performing loans and loan loss provisions?Ozili, Peterson K.; Adamu, Ahmed
2019The economic determinants of non-performing loans : a vector error correction modelChircop, Karl
2023External Borrower’s FormUniversity of Malta. Library
2011Group and individual lending within MicrofinanceZahra, Charlene
2011How the 2007-2010 financial crisis impacted on bank lending : an analysis of how the recent financial crisis impacted inter-bank lending as well as bank lending to customersCaruana, Gabrielle
2021Implications for economic security of the three seas initiative countries resulting from membership in the international monetary fundGębska, Marta
2017Loan products and credit scoring methods by commercial banksItoo, Rais Ahmad; Selvarasu, A.
2021Predictors of the propensity to incur loans for varying purposes in the futureHelka, Anna M.; Maison, Dominika
2023Renewing books onlineUniversity of Malta. Library
2020A review of imbalanced data techniques with application to loan defaultBezzina, Rachel
2020Using hidden Markov model to monitor possible loan defaults in banksKamath, Harish; Jahan, Noor Firdoos