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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Imaging back pain : part 1Vassallo, Pierre
2020Imaging back pain : part 2Vassallo, Pierre
2020Imaging back pain : part 3Vassallo, Pierre
2006Imaging modalities for the visualisation of non-metallic foreign bodies.Caruana, Rosanne
2002Imaging modalities used for the diagnosis and prognosis of multiple sclerosisSaid, Bella
2016Imaging the Cervix : part IIVassallo, Pierre
2016An international survey of MRI qualification and certification frameworks with an emphasis on identifying elements of good practiceCastillo, Joseph; Caruana, Carmel J.; Morgan, Paul Simon; Westbrook, Catherine; Mizzi, Adrian
2010An investigation of radiographer-patient communication.Refalo, Maria
2001Is arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy a paediatric problem too?Turrini, P.; Basso, Cristina; Daliento, Luciano; Nava, Alessandra; Thiene, Gaetano
1991Magnetic resonance imaging of the musculo-skeletal systemCassar-Pullicino, Victor N.
2018-09Measurements of complex permittivity and permeability in the GHz range of magnetotactic bacteria suspensionsFarrugia, Lourdes; Miclaus, Simona; Moisescu, Cristina; Ardelean, Ioan I.; Sammut, Charles
2004MR contrast agents : a study evaluating their role in MR imaging and their clinical applications.Bugeja, Roberto
2013MR imaging of early Rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathy : part 1Vassallo, Pierre
2013MR imaging of early Rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathy : part 2Vassallo, Pierre
2008MR imaging of the lumbar spine : knee flexion vs. extension in patients with intervertebral disk herniation.Mercieca, Lara
2004MRI of the lumbar spine : relevance of T1W axial imaging in cases of herniated discs.Stewart, William James
2020Occipital intralobar fasciculi and a novel description of three forgotten tractsBugain, Maeva; Dimech, Yana; Torzhenskaya, Natalia; Thiebaut de Schotten, Michel; Caspers, Svenja; Muscat, Richard; Bajada, Claude J.
2015Radiographer managers and service development : a Delphi study to determine an MRI service portfolio for year 2020Castillo, Joseph; Caruana, Carmel J.; Morgan, Paul Simon; Westbrook, Catherine
2004RadiologyVassallo, Pierre
1999The relationship between symptoms and abnormal magnetic resonance images of the lumbar spine.Borg, Mark