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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015How to gauge sea threat fluctuations through the archaeological record?Vassallo, Bernice Marie
2001An iconography of insularity : a cosmological interpretation of some images and spaces in the late neolithic temples of MaltaGrima, Reuben
1998-06-21Il-kollezzjoni pre-istorika fil-Mużew Nazzjonali ta' l-ArkeoloġijaZammit, Vincent
2018Il-kult reliġjuż fl-arti u l-arkitettura : il-kult preistoriku tal-Ipoġew ta’ Ħal SaflieniSaré, John
2018Il-kult reliġjuż fl-arti u l-arkitettura : lokien imqaddsa, pagani u kristjaniSaré, John
2001Il-preistorjaBonanno, Anthony; Briffa, Charles; Schiavone, Michael J.
2013-06Il-wirt arkeoloġiku tas-SiġġiewiVassallo, Nicholas
1986An illustrated guide to prehistoric GozoBonanno, Anthony
n.d.In the Islands of the giant templesSteiner, Andreas M.; Vidale, Massimo; Cilia, Daniel; Schonhowd, Elise; Malta Tourism Authority
2008Indizi sull'architettura autoctona tra Malta e gli IbleiMallia, Davide
2008Insediamenti e necropoli dell’Antico Bronzo dell’area iblea e Malta : contatti o influenze?Stefano, Giovanni Di
2008Insularity and isolation : Malta and Sicily in prehistoryBonanno, Anthony
2003Islands of the middle sea : an archaeology of a coastlineGambin, Timmy
2008Islandscapes under question : the Maltese Archipelago, Pantelleria and Marettimo and their contexts in classical antiquityArnaud, Pascal
1997-12-21It-tempju ta' Erkole f'MaltaZammit, Vincent
1971Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 4 : issue 4Aquilina, J.; Marshall, David R.
1972Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 5 : issue 2Aquilina, J.; Marshall, David R.
1973Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 5 : issue 3Aquilina, J.; Marshall, David R.
1976Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 6 : issue 3Aquilina, J.
1977Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 6 : issue 4Vassallo, Mario