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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Description of various smoking pipesWood, John
1992Die megalithische Kunst Maltas : fruchtbarkeitskult oder sexuelle reprasentation?Bonanno, Anthony
1973Digging up the past in MaltaNational Museum of Malta
2015Discovery of a pipe found in Victoria, GozoWood, John
1977Distribution of villas and some aspects of the Maltese economy in the Roman periodBonanno, Anthony
2008Distribution patterns of imported lithic tools in early Neolithic SkorbaVella, Clive
1987The Dominican Oratory - Valletta (part three)Borg, E. V.
2007The economic history of Roman and Byzantine MaltaBonanno, Anthony
1987The effects of modern restoration techniques on the prehistoric temples of the Maltese IslandsTampone, Gennaro; Vannucci, Sergio
1996Egyptian iconography in ancient Maltese artBonanno, Anthony
2003An Egyptian statuette in Malta rediscoveredMeeza, Alicia
2009Egyptian stelae from MaltaYoung, Jeremy; Maree, Marcel; Cartwright, Caroline; Middleton, Andrew
1998An Egyptianizing relief from MaltaBonanno, Anthony
2008Emerging aspects of interaction between prehistoric Sicily and Malta from the perspective of lithic toolsVella, Clive
2011The engineering of Malta's megalithic prehistoric templesTorpiano, Alex
2011The engineering of the prehistoric megalithic temples in MaltaTorpiano, Alex
1971-10Erba’ ritratti Cirenajci fil-"Villa Rumana" tar-RabatBonanno, Anthony
1988Evidence of Greek, Carthaginian and Etruscan maritime commerce south of the Tyrrhenian : the Maltese caseBonanno, Anthony
2000Excavations at Tas-Silg, Malta : a preliminary report on the 1996-1998 campaigns conducted by the Department of Classics and Archaeology of the University of MaltaBonanno, Anthony; Frendo, Anthony J.; Vella, Nicholas C.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Falzon, Anthony; Fenech, Katrin; Sant, Michael J.
1916-01Excavations in Malta in 1914Ashby, Thomas; Zammit, Temi; Despott, Giuseppe