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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-02MaltaPace, Anthony; Cutajar, Nathaniel
1991Malta : an archaeological paradiseBonanno, Anthony; Bartolo, Joseph; Mintoff, Mario
2005Malta : Phoenician, Punic, and RomanBonanno, Anthony; Cilia, Daniel
1920-05Malta : the halting place of nations : first account of remarkable prehistoric tombs and temples recently unearthed on the islandGriffiths, William Arthur
1960-06Malta and the MediterraneanBernabo Brea, Luigi
1997Malta nella storia : gli enigmi dell’archeologia maltese : i "templi" megalitici e le figure adiposeBonanno, Anthony
1985Malta through the ages (3) : a Roman conquestBorg, Joseph
1999Malta tra Africa e Sicilia : indizi dei contatti marittimi nel II millennioBonanno, Anthony
2009Malta under the RomansBonanno, Anthony
2002Malta, Atlantis u GrognetGalea, Francis
1994Malte antiqueBonanno, Anthony
1986The Maltese artistic heritage of the Roman periodBonanno, Anthony
2000Maltese chibouks. The Libyan connection?Wood, John
1999The Maltese dolmensSciberras, Daniel
1989Maltese prehistory : early life on the islandsBonanno, Anthony
2007-12Man and the pageant of life : a mosaicBoffa, Charles J.
2005-06Man in antiquity and much later time capsulesBoffa, Charles J.
2016Manipulated connectivity in island isolation : Maltese prehistoric stone tool technology and procurement strategies across the fourth and third millennia BCVella, Clive
1964Margaret A. Murray, D.Lit., F.S.A. (Scot.), F.R.A.I.Cremona, A.
1981Megalithic architecture in MaltaTrump, David H.