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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984The Salina Hypogea at St. Paul's BayBuhagiar, Mario
2001Scavi e ricerche della Missione Archeologica Italiana a MaltaCiasca, Antonia; Rossignani, Maria Pia
1975Seven ages of antiquity in MaltaLewis, Harrison
2011Shelters over the megalithic temples of Malta : debate, design and implementationCassar, JoAnn; Galea, Mario; Grima, Reuben; Stroud, Katya; Torpiano, Alex
2010Sicily and Malta 400-900 : historical and archaeological perspectivesCilia, Amaria (2010)
2011Site, artefacts and landscape : prehistoric Borg in-Nadur, MaltaTanasi, Davide; Vella, Nicholas C.
1912The small objects and the human skulls found in the Hal-Saflieni prehistoric hypogeum at Casal Paula, MaltaZammit, Temi; Peet, Eric T.; Bradley, R.N.
2012Smoking pipes from Birgu, MaltaWood, John
2014Smoking pipes from recent excavations at Fort St Elmo, Valletta, MaltaWood, John
1999The social context of Maltese prehistoric artTownsend, Andrew
1986A socio-economic approach to Maltese prehistory : the temple buildersBonanno, Anthony
2017-01-09Soundscapes of Temple Period MaltaSkeates, Robin
1983St. Agatha's CatacombsColeiro, Charles
1994-01The Stone Age temples of MaltaMonsarrat, Ann
1996The stone temples of Malta and GozoPatton, Mark
2019-03-10Studies strengthen case for abrupt end of Malta's Neolithic cultureDebono, James
1999The subterranean sanctuary at Ħal SaflieniMifsud, Anton; Mifsud, Simon
1987Tar-Ragħad Christian Hypogeum and other rock cut tombs : a preliminary reportZammit, Vincent
1988Tecniche costruttive dei templi megalitici MaltesiBonanno, Anthony
2000Terracotta pipe fragmentWood, John