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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Asset and operational energy performance rating of a modern apartment in MaltaYousif, Charles; Diez Mucientes, R.; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2006Children's ideas about the weatherFarrugia, Lisa (2006)
n.d.Climate of MaltaAgius, Thomas
1988The climate of the Maltese IslandsChetcuti, Deborah (1988)
2012The climate of the Maltese IslandsGaldies, Charles
1992Diversity and conservation of the non-marine molluscs of the Maltese IslandsSchembri, Patrick J.
2019An evaluation of the effects of contemporary interventions on the environmental behaviour of traditional local buildings : a study of unmodified and modified traditional lime-mortar-roofs (Malta)Paris, Rachel (2019)
2003Ix-xjenzi naturali - klimaSavona-Ventura, Charles; Dipartiment tat-Taghrif Partit Laburista
1964Malta in 1885: an Austrian reportPorter, Mary Gray; Weber, Bernard Clarke
1956Malta Yearbook : Facts and figuresBarrington, Leo
1955Malta Yearbook : Facts and figuresBarrington, Leo
1957Malta Yearbook : General Information about MaltaBarrington, Leo; Hilary, Bro.
1957The Maltese climateRuoff, F.H.G.
1993Physical geography and ecology of the Maltese Islands : a brief overviewSchembri, Patrick J.
2022-06-10The State of the Climate 2022 - a multidecadal report and assessment of Malta's climateGaldies, Charles
2003The water holding capacity in Maltese soilsGalea, Kevin (2003)
1966The weatherLewis, P.C.
1973The weather [The Malta Year Book 1973]Lewis, P. C.