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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Archaeology and archaeological discourse in pre-Independence MaltaRossi, Anna Maria
1963British policy towards the religion, ancient laws and customs in Malta 1824-1851- Part ILee, Hilda I.
1964British policy towards the religion, ancient laws and customs in Malta 1824-1851- Part IILee, Hilda I.
1987British temperance reformers and the island of Malta 1815-1914Denny, N.D.
1995Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici (1897-1948)Galea Scannura, Charles
2018-06-03Carnival - pleasantries and politicsBonello, Giovanni
2018-02-11Carnival as a potent weapon of criticismDemarco, Joanna
2019-03-03Carnival companyGrech, Christopher
2000Cittadin fost l-aktar distinti ta' pajjizu : Gorg Grognet (1774-1862)Camilleri, Anthony
1952Del Consiglio PopolareBres, Onorato
1999Dottor Enrico Mizzi (1885-1950)Cuschieri, Lino
2018-08-26'Il-Gross'... patrijott u habib ta kulhaddMifsud Bonnici, Ugo
1908-11-21In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 12Levanzin, Agostino
1908-12-05In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 14Levanzin, Agostino
1908-09-19In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 3Levanzin, Agostino
1908-09-26In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 4Levanzin, Agostino
1908-10-03In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 5Levanzin, Agostino
1908-10-10In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 6Levanzin, Agostino
1908-10-17In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 7Levanzin, Agostino
1908-10-24In-Nahla ta' Agostino Levanzin. No. 8Levanzin, Agostino