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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Changes in family structure and their effects on the educational system in MaltaSciriha, Carmen (1977)
1977The changing status of women in MaltaO'Reilly Mizzi, Sibyl
2013The effect of parenthood on marital satisfactionAnastasi, Bianca
2013'I do' : reasons for getting married amongst Maltese youthsWhite, Margaret
1988-08Id-dota ta' ommiBonnici Calì, Rafel; Bonnici Calì, Lorenza
2018-12Il-mara li l-istorja Taljana warrbithaMuzajk
1961Impedimentum criminis.Attard Montalto, Philip
2009In-nisa, l-unur tal-familja, u t-taghlim tal-Knisja f'Malta tas-seklu sbataxCassar, Carmel
2018-06-24L-Imnarja: tradizzjoni Maltija li tmur lura iktar minn 500 senaGalea, Clifford
2011Lectures 17 : program 13 : iz-zwieg fil-ligi Maltija llumAugustinian Institute; Aquilina, Phyllis
2012Male and female preferences in mate-selection for long-term relationshipsBalzan Engerer, Jeanine
1980Marriage in Malta in the late eighteenth centuryCiappara, Francis (1980)
2016Marriage of convenience in Malta : a thing of the past?Gauci, Maxine
2012The marriage vetitum : a denial of one's right to marry?Mangion, Ann Marie
2014Mill-kalendarju tal-bidwi tal-1849Gatt, Guzi
1958Promises of marriage in Maltese lawBonello, Giovanni
2020A qualitative exploration of the firstborn's influence on the father's sense of self and the marital relationship within the first two yearsChircop, Naomi (2020)
2003The relationship between divorce and Maltese legislationD' Agostino, James
2003-01Seasonality of births is associated with seasonality of marriages in MaltaGrech, Victor E.; Savona-Ventura, Charles; Agius-Muscat, Hugo; Janulova, Lina
1983Seminar - the legal, social and moral implications of divorceMallia, Anna; Bonnici, Ann