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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013La diffusione della lingua e della cultura l'Italiana tra gli allievi Maltesi della quarta mediaZarb, Deborah
2005Lecture 2 : the relationship between journalism and political power : prof Thierry GuidetFrench Embassy in collaboration with the Center for Communication Technology at the University of Malta; Guidet, Thierry
2015The legal aspects surrounding political advertising in broadcastingZarb, Emily Paula
2016Legal protection of journalists when acting as watchdogs of societyCauchi, Paula
2000Man - I feel like a woman! : a qualitative analysis of the representation of men in the media and men's reactions to the changing gender rolesStingl, Alexia (2000)
1971Mass communications media and the moral orderAquilina, Cecilia (1971)
1999The mass media in AIDS awareness campaignsCremona, Brian J. (1999)
2015Media and formation of common national identity in post-soviet UkraineBurianenko, Roksolana
2003The media and international relations : a focus on terrorismCassar, Valentina (2003)
2008The media on climate change mitigation : a critical perspectivePace, Gustav (2008)
2022-03-03Media viewership and the electionsBriguglio, Michael
1997Pastoral planning and the media in Aetatis NovaeGrima, Godwin (1997)
1977Religion and the mass media in MaltaBorg, Joseph (1977)
1994Representations of disability in the pressCamilleri, Isabelle-Anne (1994)
2000The risks and regulation of modern payment mediaVella, Noel (2000)
2014Rizmi stampati : program 6Grech, Sergio
2014The role of the media on party-based EuroscepticismMifsud, Maxine (2014)
1998Television, children and family time spent watching television and the correlation with family relationshipsStringari, Rosangela (1998)
1974The theology of mass communicationMizzi, Laurence (1974)
2009Transformational diplomacy : the role of cultural and media diplomacy?Radaković, Miloš (2009)