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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Religion and the mass media in MaltaBorg, Joseph (1977)
1994Representations of disability in the pressCamilleri, Isabelle-Anne (1994)
2000The risks and regulation of modern payment mediaVella, Noel (2000)
2014Rizmi stampati : program 6Grech, Sergio
2014The role of the media on party-based EuroscepticismMifsud, Maxine (2014)
1998Television, children and family time spent watching television and the correlation with family relationshipsStringari, Rosangela (1998)
1974The theology of mass communicationMizzi, Laurence (1974)
2009Transformational diplomacy : the role of cultural and media diplomacy?Radaković, Miloš (2009)
2002A transition from black and white to colour televisionAbela, Maria (2002)
2019Usability study of animated and static ads on a mobile news websiteGalea, Nathan
2022-03Walking the talk about corporate social responsibility communication : An Elaboration Likelihood Model perspectiveCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2015Web 2.0 and the changing face of libel lawMagro, Adriana
2001Which medium between radio and television is more effective to capture and sustain the attention of the audience?Mallia, Lara (2001)
1998Whose responsibility? : information and misinformation in the reporting of conflictsSammut, Alison R. (1998)
2012-09The wig huntDuca, Edward
2018Women, media, and eating disorders : a thematic analysisGrech Orr, Stephanie
1999Xandara veterani : program 1Said, Ivan