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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018How children with autism spectrum disorder respond to music, as perceived by parentsBianco, Vittorja Maria
2018How music helps and impacts our emotions : a qualitative studyDebattista, Brenda
2019Listening to music whilst studying : a boost or a botherCluett, Julia Ann
2014Mood swings : music choice amongst students and its psychological impact on their perception and moods over time : qualitative studyCalleja, Melvin
2013Music, aggression and vicarious release : interrogating the possibility of a relationship between music and aggressive behaviourCamilleri, Kristen
2015Musical notes of personality : investigating the correlation between personality types and the preferred music genre for young adultsDarmenia, Pierre
2017Musical tastes in early childhood and pedagogic implications : a critical multimodal interpretationMallia, Roberta
2018The musician’s mind : a qualitative inquiry on the independent music producer and the creative processSpiteri, Claude Henri
2017Visualizing music : a typographical experimentation on how to depict the emotion of music through typography and calligraphyMercieca, Andrew
2019Where words fail, music speaks : a qualitative study about the meaning of music in a person’s lifeScicluna, Kiranne
2014You are what you listen to : finding correlations between tastes in music and personality traits among university students : a quantitative studySchembri, Andrew