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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Malta through the ages (8) : the changing face of the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph
2016Malta – the splendour of its Baroque architectureDe Lucca, Denis
2007Malta, un avamposto di nostalgia cavallerescaMercieca, Simon
2015-04Map stamps of the Sovereign Military Order of MaltaWolfersberger, David
2002Melitensia : Summer & Fall 2002Vann, Theresa; Micallef, Joseph S.
1987Mgr Salvatore ImbrollGalea, Michael
2008The Order of St. John and MaltaCassar, Carmel
2011The Order of St. John's approach to plague after RhodesGrech, Monique J. (2011)
1999-08An overview of a problem in Hospitaller naval historiographyDebono, Joseph Anthony
2013'Pacto canfraternitas fraternitatis' : the confederation of the Knights of St John and the Knights of St George : an overlooked episode in the history of the Order of MaltaFreller, Thomas
2016Public lectures outreach programme - 2015/16University of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies
2017‘Sanctify yourselves and be holy’ : Hospitallers and their Counter-Reformation saintsEbejer, Matthias
2015Scale models and the coastal fortifications of MaltaSpiteri, Stephen C.
1980The Siege of Rhodes, 1480Butler, Lionel
2014The sovereign military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – a general history of the Order of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2015A timeless gentleman [Book Review]Vella, Theresa
2005A treasure lost : the Portocarrero collection of scientific instruments and interest in the sciences in hospitaller MaltaZammit, William
1971Two templar-hospitaller preceptories north of TuscaniaLuttrell, Anthony T.
2007Vale of tears : an analysis of Piri Reis’ maps and descriptions of Malta and their relevance to the early history of hospitaller MaltaMercieca, Simon
2015Victor Mallia Milanes, Al servizio della Republica di Venezia : le lettere di Massimiliano Buzzacarini Gonzaga, Commendatore di Malta, inviate alla Magistratura dei Cinque Savii alla Mercanzia 1754-1776Mercieca, Simon