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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Male nurses' perceptions and attitudes towards caring for substance misusers.Grima, Catherine
2007Maltese mothers' perceptions of the midwife on the postnatal wardZahra, Adriana Maria
2001Maltese nurses' perception of their expanded role.Azzopardi, Lawrence
2008Maltese parents' perceptions of their child's weight.Cutajar, Rose Marie
2002A matching advantage for dynamic human facesThornton, Ian M.; Kourtzi, Zoe
2010Midwives' knowledge on skills to prevent perineal trauma.Attard, Charlene
2009Midwives' views regarding job rotation within the maternity department, Mater Dei Hospital.Craus, Nathalie
2007Mothers' perceptions of maternity care.Farr, Tania
2010Mothers' perceptions of support for artificial feeding.Portelli, Aimee
2006Mothers' perceptions of their body image after childbirth.Micallef, Mariella
1998Nurses' perception of patients' needs after myocardial infarctionAzzopardi Galea, Miriam
2012Nurses' perception of promoting adherence to medications suffering from mental illness.Azzopardi, Carmen
1999Nurses' perceptions of patient controlled analgesia.Attard, Miriam
2009Nurses' perceptions of patients with challenging behaviour in a psycho-geriatric setting.Vidal, Noel
2011Nurses' perceptions regarding the causes and management of aggression and violence : a quantitative study.Vella, Anthony
2021Oncology nurses’ attitudes, beliefs and perceived barriers towards nutritional management and promotion of physical activity in oncology patientsVella, Mignon (2021)
1996Parentcraft education for teenage mothersGiusti, Josianne
2011Patients' experiences and perceptions of clinical interactions with nurses in an acute mental health care settingFenech, Veneranda
2009Patients' perceptions and feelings about electroconvulsive therapy before and after treatmentMagro, Antonio
2009Patients' perceptions of risk factors leading to relapse of alcohol misuseCassar, Mario