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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012School nurses' perceptions on nutrition education in primary school.Micallef, Christian
2010School-based health clinic : assessing need.Pace, Doris
2000The student nurses' perception of the spiritual dimension in their nursing care.Spiteri, Rosa
2006Student's perceptions on the adequacy of the Biology S.E.C. syllabus as a preparation for advanced level BiologyAttard, Ritienne
2006A study of university students' perceptions towards drug addictsSammut, Daniela (2006)
2011A study on the implementation and practice of investigations in chemistry within secondary schoolsSultana, Stefan; Vassallo, Hazel; Vella, Maureen
2008A study to explore patients' perception of their quality of life over time while being supported by psychiatric outreach team.Grech, Paulann
2014Teacher-student relationships : a study on teachers' perceptions of different student gendersCardinali, Anthea
2011Teamwork : the perception of staff working within the Maltese intensive care setting.Micallef Cann, Bernard
1998Towards a language of the posterStorace, Kurt (1998)
2018Tradition, transmission, transformationHinchy, Luke Michael
2012University students' perceptions of learning : a comparison between traditional and virtual learning.Mamo, Marco
2020Venustas post-subjectivism : a study mediated through the local architectural contextCalleja, Ryan (2020)
2013Where is Mr right? : the lived experience of single women in MaltaPetrocochino, Bianca Maria
2008Why did I fall for him? : a qualitative study of the perceived reasons for female partner choiceSpiteri, Audrey (2008)
2013Xenophobia, intercultural contact & national identity : Maltese university students' attitudes towards different culturesSpiteri, Rachel
2011Young adults' perception of diabetesEllul, Gregory Michael
2012Young people's views and perceptions of hospitalisation and nursesGrima, Jessica