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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-27Delegating planning decisionsDeidun, Alan
2019Determining a planning permission : from Act I of 1992 to Act III of 2016Musumeci, Robert
1997Development control : past, present & futureAttard, Robert (1997)
1999Development control guidance : installation of apparata and other structures on the roof buildings.Cassar, David (1999)
1998Development Planning (amendment) Act 1997 : how was the Maltese planning system effected by this Act?Zammit, Sylvana (1998)
2017-02-05The devil is in the detailDeidun, Alan
2018-01-21Dumping : bull taken by the hornsDeidun, Alan
2017Education for sustainable development for the planning authority’s decision-makers : a choice or an imperative?Saliba, Melisent Marie
1999Effective enforcement control : a proactive approachGrech, Vincent (1999)
2023The environment and planning review tribunal - was its’ role changed?Musumeci, Robert
2023The environment and planning review tribunal : principles of good administrative behaviorMusumeci, Robert
1998Environmental impacts due to development control decisions in outside development zoneCallus, Etienne (1998)
2017Exploring bureaucracy at Planning Authority through the eyes of architectsCachia, Enzo
2017A geographical information system used in the 2011 census of population and housingRefalo, Maria; Zammit, Silvan; Formosa, Saviour; Hili, Ashley
2019-05-26Goalposts that don't stop movingDeidun, Alan
2017-01-22How to work the planning systemDeidun, Alan
2000Il-Gudja fuq il-mapep tas-seklu XXEllul, Carmel
2021The impact of the rural policy and design guidance on the effectiveness of project managementBaldacchino, Maria (2021)
2023Is planning permission required for expressing ones' feelings?Musumeci, Robert
2021Is planning permission required for expressing one’s feelings?Musumeci, Robert; Cilia, Rebekah