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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Effects of mercury and cadmium salts on Artemia salina L. and Monodonta articulata LamSchembri, Veronica
2012Effects of nitrogen compounds on health.Borg Deguara, Jessica
1975Effects of oil dispersants on the brine shrimp Artemia salina L.Sacco, Marguerite
1986Effects of pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons on the bivalve venus verrucosaAxiak, Victor (1986)
1994Environmental auditing : foundations of environmental planning : the Malta caseSpiteri, Mariello (1994)
2018Environmental economics : special considerations for small statesMoncada, Stefano; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Briguglio, Marie
2020The fly-ash based geopolymer composites as an innovative material for circularLach, Michal; Grela, Agnieszka; Kozub, Barbara; Korniejenko, Kinga; Azzopardi, Brian
2003Greenhouse gases.Camilleri, Simon Saviour
2008Healthy and safe living and working environment : drafting and interpretation of laws in an international perspectiveGrima, Danielle
1997Il-Huttafa : issue 22 : September-October 1997BirdLife Malta
2022Levels of heavy metals in uncontrolled agricultural farms compared to regulated organic farmsBriffa, Jessica; Blundell, Renald; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Grech, Joseph L.
2021Looking at the bigger picture : considering the hurdles in the struggle against nanoplastic pollutionBriffa, Sophie M.
1973Man and his environmentPace, Joseph L.
2010Re-siting of a landfill.Scicluna, Jean Paul
2006A review of safety and health standards in the location of petrol stationsAquilina, Jesmond (2006)
2006Self-sustaining communities : decreasing energy consumption within the built environmentMifsud, Anne-Marie (2006)
2013Shipping's black cloudEllul, Ray; Azzopardi, Francelle; Smyth, Alexander; Saliba, Martin; Azzopardi, Miriam
2010Using Posidonia oceanica (Linnaeus) Delile as a biomonitor of heavy metal pollution in Maltese coastal watersFenech, Cecilia (2010)
2018A visual experience on the effects of over-consumption that leads to the pollution of our planetDegaetano, Samuel
2013Waste management of pharmaceuticals in the local environmentBaldacchino, Lorraine (2013)