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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The fly-ash based geopolymer composites as an innovative material for circularLach, Michal; Grela, Agnieszka; Kozub, Barbara; Korniejenko, Kinga; Azzopardi, Brian
2003Greenhouse gases.Camilleri, Simon Saviour
2008Healthy and safe living and working environment : drafting and interpretation of laws in an international perspectiveGrima, Danielle
1997Il-Huttafa : issue 22 : September-October 1997BirdLife Malta
2022Levels of heavy metals in uncontrolled agricultural farms compared to regulated organic farmsBriffa, Jessica; Blundell, Renald; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Grech, Joseph L.
2021Looking at the bigger picture : considering the hurdles in the struggle against nanoplastic pollutionBriffa, Sophie M.
1973Man and his environmentPace, Joseph L.
2010Re-siting of a landfill.Scicluna, Jean Paul
2006A review of safety and health standards in the location of petrol stationsAquilina, Jesmond (2006)
2006Self-sustaining communities : decreasing energy consumption within the built environmentMifsud, Anne-Marie (2006)
2013Shipping's black cloudEllul, Ray; Azzopardi, Francelle; Smyth, Alexander; Saliba, Martin; Azzopardi, Miriam
2010Using Posidonia oceanica (Linnaeus) Delile as a biomonitor of heavy metal pollution in Maltese coastal watersFenech, Cecilia (2010)
2018A visual experience on the effects of over-consumption that leads to the pollution of our planetDegaetano, Samuel
2013Waste management of pharmaceuticals in the local environmentBaldacchino, Lorraine (2013)