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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Comparing job satisfaction amongst Maltese podiatrists working in different clinical settings.Caruana, David
2012A comparison of medical and surgical intervention for primary open-angle glaucoma.Cini, Simone
2012The effectiveness of SSRIs on depression in primary carePace, Antoine
2011Family members' experiences of local mental health services received by their relatives : a qualitative study.Farrugia, Mark
2006Improving support for doctors in the UK : the development of a modified physician assistant model in primary care and internal medicineSparrow, Nigel; Lakhani, Mayur
2015Interhemispheric epidermoid cystSchembri, Mark; Grech, Reuben
2012An international comparative family medicine study of the Transition Project data from the Netherlands, Malta and Serbia. Is family medicine an international discipline? Comparing diagnostic odds ratios across populationsSoler, Jean Karl; Okkes, Inge; Oskam, Sibo; Boven, Kees van; Zivotic, Predrag; Jevtic, Milan; Dobbs, Frank; Lamberts, Henk; Transition Project
2008Knowledge managementSoler, Jean Karl; Marnoch, Gordon
2008Primary care : quo vadis?Stabile, Isabel
2006Primary caregivers' experiences of caring for schizophrenia in the community : a grounded theory studyCilia Vincenti, Sarah
2013The quality of primary care in Malta: patients' experiences, views and actionsBezzina, Glorianne
2012Reasons for encounter and symptom diagnoses : a superior description of patients’ problems in contrast to medically unexplained symptoms (MUS)Soler, Jean Karl; Okkes, Inge