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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The cost and information management effect in SMEs : an empirical analysisGrima, Simon; Asllani, Gani; Spiteri, Jonathan; Daka, Nikson
2020Cultural aspect of social responsibility implementation in SMEsSieminski, Marek; Wedrowska, Ewa; Krukowski, Krzysztof
2018Directors and small companies - a discussion paperFabri, David
2019The effect of public procurement and its spillovers on innovativeness of enterprises in European countriesKijek, Arkadiusz
2017Enterprise development factors’ controlPavlenkov, Mikhail Nikolaevich; Larionov, Valeryi Glebovich; Voronin, Pavel Mikhaylovich; Pavlenkov, Ivan Mikhaylovich
2017Evaluating the effectiveness of management information systems for small and medium-sized enterprises : a user satisfaction approachKhubaev, Georgy Nikolaevich; Shpolianskaya, Irina Iurievna; Doljenko, Aleksej Ivanovich; Scherbakov, Sergej Mihajlovich; Efimov, Evgenij Nikolaevich
2019An exploration of innovation strategies used by SME’s in Malta and their impact on organizational performanceGrech, David
2013Financial management in SMEsJindrichovska, Irena
2020Iconic product advantage for improving marketing performance of Indonesian small and medium enterprisesHanfan, Ahmad; Nupus, Hayati; Lutfi
2019The impact of quality management systems on the efficiency of current assets management in small commercial enterprisesZimon, Grzegorz
2015An improved succession planning roadmap for family businesses : a case studyButtigieg, Mark Anthony
2017Improving anticipative learning through entrepreneurial orientation in small to medium size enterprisesUmmi, Nurul; Meutia, Tubagus Ismail
2016The influence of top managers' personal values on sustainability of SMEs in developing countriesAhmic, Azra; Sunje, Aziz; Kurtic, Emir
2013Innovation management and controlling in SMEsHavlicek, Karel; Thalassinos, Eleftherios; Berezkinova, Liliana
2017Isolating mechanism as a mean to improve performance of SMEsHasyim; Sahyar; Mahmud
2010The issue of corporate governance in family-run businessFarrugia, Nathaniel
2013Leaders management and personnel controlling in SMEsBreckova, Pavla; Havlicek, Karel
2018Major barriers to export growth in Maltese SMEs : an analysisCamilleri, Omar
2016Management of small innovational enterprise under the conditions of global competition : possibilities and threatsBogdanova, Svetlana V.; Kozel, Irina V.; Ermolina, Lilia V.; Litvinova, Tatiana N.
2011Marketing management and marketing controlling of SMEsHavlicek, Karel