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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The changing role of the CFO in selected large Maltese companiesDebono Camilleri, Doriana
2004The concept of CSR in Malta : case studies of five Maltese companiesEllul, Therese (2004)
2016Consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility activities performed by companies in MaltaMifsud Joslin, James
2010Consumers' response to CSR activities : the relationship between increased awareness and purchase intentionGalea, Mark (2010)
2006Corporate governance : a ground for further development in the Maltese scenarioGalea, Alexianne
2007Corporate responsibility in small states like Malta : a luxury companies can ill affordHarwood, Mark
2003Corporate social responsibilityFarrugia, Martha
2002Corporate social responsibility : a code for corporate conductCalleja, Maria Anna (2002)
2008Corporate social responsibility : the applicability of CSR reporting in Maltese public companies and its standardisation : an assessmentBonnici, Romina (2008)
2018Corporate social responsibility : the options for a way forwardMicallef, Angelo
2013Corporate social responsibility and the legal professionMallia, Pauline Anne
2012Corporate social responsibility in Maltese companies : an analysisAgius, Roderick
2017Corporate social responsibility in the banking sector with particular reference to the local banks in MaltaMifsud, Luana
2019Corporate social responsibility in the hotel sector : A Maltese Islands case studyDarmanin, Chiara
2011Corporate social responsibility in the organisation of incentive events in line with the Malta Tourism Authority's policiesMicallef, Antonella Louisa
2011Corporate social responsibility of banks in MaltaAbdilla, Raylene
2013The corporate social responsibility of the Water Services Corporation in a liberalised marketZerafa, Stephen (2013)
2014Corporate social responsibility reporting in local IT listed companies : an analysisXuereb, Joanna
2015Corporate social responsibility, and its financial implications on Maltese corporationsAgius, Lara
2006The effect of stakeholders' awareness of a company's corporate social responsibility activities on the attitude towards the company : a case study : HSBC MaltaKozlovskaia, Evgenia (2006)