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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999An analysis of Mdina Road from a road planner's point of viewScicluna, Mark John (1999)
1999Flexural strengthening of R.C. beams using epoxy bonded CFRP laminates : plate separation & anchorage systemsBencini, Kevin (1999)
1999The influence of change in subgrade conditions on the performance of roads in MaltaMifsud, Victoria (1999)
2006Investigation of the structural performance of reinforced concrete using fibre reinforces polylersPortelli, Daniel (2006)
1995Polypropylene fibre and steel reinforced concrete corbelsOverend, Mauro (1995)
1997A proposal for a quality classification system for local hollow concrete blockworkGrech, Chris (1997)
1999Re-assessment of the structural performance of RC members strengthened using plate-bonded techniques and of patch-repaired RC membersSqapi, Robert (1999)
2020Seventeenth-century building engineering in the central Mediterranean : A case study from MaltaBianco, Lino; Cardona, Kenneth
1999The strength reserve of the PPB preslab flooring system for resisting structural fire damagePolidano, Duncan (1999)
1993The structural behaviour of a space frame node using numerical modelling techniquesEllul, Frederick (1993)
2012Structural reliability analysis of optimsed steel structuresScicluna, Francesca (2012)
1999Structural restoration of timber beams by resin bonded repair systemsBonello, David S (1999)
1989Typical marine construction in MaltaMicallef Grimaud, Etienne (1989)