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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of FeSOD from E. coliCaruana, Nicholas Anthony
2013Aspirin-induced apoptosis of yeast cells is associated with mitochondrial superoxide radical accumulation and NAD(P)H oxidationFarrugia, Gianluca; Bannister, William H.; Vassallo, Neville; Balzan, Rena
1999Cloned prokaryotic iron superoxide dismutase protects yeast cells against oxidative stress depending on mitochondrial locationBalzan, Rena; Galea Agius, Dorita; Bannister, William H.
1991-03(-) Deprenyl induces activities of both superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase but not of glutathione peroxidase (GSH Px) in the striatum of male ratsKitani, Kenichi; Carrillo, Maria Cristina; Kanai, Setsuko; Nokubo, Munetaka; Ivy, Gwen O.
2012Expression, purification and characterisation of human copper-zinc superoxide dismutase protein and human-escherichia coli copper-zinc superoxide dismutase chimeric proteinGrixti, Justine May; Farrugia, Claude; Hunter, Gary J.; Hunter, Therese
1996Isolation and characterization of a superoxide dismutase from the mollusc Helix AsperaValentino, Mario (1996)
2020Mechanisms of aspirin-induced apoptosis in redox-compromised yeast cells : the effect of aspirin on the cell cycle and glutamate metabolismAzzopardi, Maria (2020)
1995Oxidative stress and expression of superoxide dismutase in escherichia coli and thermus aquaticusXuereb, Edward
2020Structure and function of human Mn(Fe)SOD containing iron in the active siteSultana, Paul Michael (2020)
1976Superoxide and superoxide dismutase in red blood cellsAnastasi, Angela; Bannister, J. V.; Bannister, William H.