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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Stakeholder views report : enablers and barriers to a circular economyHouston, Joanne; Briguglio, Marie; Casazza, Elisa; Spiteri, Jonathan
2020-06Strategic corporate social responsibility in tourism and hospitalityCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2015Strategic management of sustainable development of agro-industrial complex with economic integrationOvchinnikov, A.; Kozenko, Zinaida N.; Bichkov, M.; Kabanov, V.; Karpova, A.
2014Strategy of sustainable development in investment portfolio caseLukasevicius, Alfredas; Lapinskaite, Indre
2015Strategy of systemic development of entrepreneurial infrastructure of regional economySibirskaya, Elena; Yarnykh, Elvira; Eldyaeva, Nina; Dubrova, Tatyana; Oveshnikova, Ludmilla
2016Structural aspects of the European Union economyDuguleana, Liliana; Duguleana, Constantin
1989The study of microstatesHein, Philippe
1996Sustainability and tourism : reflections from a muddy poolHarrison, David
2020The sustainable development goal on quality education : a case from EuropeCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina; Idowu, Samuel O.; Schmidpeter, René; Zu, Liangrong
2019Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability teaching at universities : falling behind or getting ahead of the pack?Leal Filho, Walter; Shiel, Chris; Paço, Arminda do; Mifsud, Mark C.; Veiga Avila, Lucas; Londero Brandli, Luciana; Molthan-Hill, Petra; Pace, Paul J.; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Ruiz Vargas, Valeria; Caeiro, Sandra
2013Sustainable development in higher education in Europe. Good practices compendiumChiodo, Emilio; Aguado, Pedro; Attard, Everaldo; Bugeja Douglas, Adrian; Valente, Francesca; Yancheva, Christina; Istvan, Nagy Peter; Lacko Bartosova, Magdalena; Lemiere, Jean-Pierre
2020-01The sustainable development of smart cities through digital innovationCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Ratten, Vanessa
2007Sustainable tourism : a geographical approach to safeguard the Maltese environmentDebattista, Marouska (2007)
2018Sustaining mobilisation - what will it take?Caruana, Vincent; Callan, Kirsty
2017Tackling sustainability from a systemic perspective : a contextualized approachDragomirescu, Horatiu; Bianco, Lino
2016Theoretical and methodological foundations of provision of well-balanced development of forest sector of economy under the conditions of climatic changes and increase of anthropogenic stressKonstantinov, Artem V.; Vasilyev, Oleg I.; Koroleva, Tatiana S.; Shunkina, Elizaveta A.
1996Tourism capacity : a critiqueJohnson, Peter; Thomas, Barry
2003Towards integrated coastal zone management, with a special emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea : introductionMicallef, Anton
1995The United Nations framework convention on climate changePool, Vanessa
2020University teaching staff and sustainable development : an assessment of competencesLeal Filho, Walter; Levesque, Vanessa R.; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Paço, Arminda; Fritzen, Barbara; Frankenberger, Fernanda; Inês Damke, Luana; Brandli, Luciana L.; Veiga Ávila, Lucas; Mifsud, Mark; Will, Markus; Pace, Paul J.; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Orlovic Lovren, Violeta