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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The impact of viral marketing on companies and the attitudes of young people in MaltaGrech, Roxanne Marie
2019Instagram and the art of living : a study of emerging-adult users in MaltaDent, Jamie
2019Investigating the impact of social media and technology on trust in young adult relationshipsSammut, Marie Claire
2019The lived experiences of friendship of young adults on the autism spectrumMicallef, Antonella
2013More than just jumbling letters : the stories of young adults with a profile of dyslexia : a qualitative studySchembri, Davina
2015The nature of human attraction : exploring the perceived qualities that attract heterosexual men and womenBorg, Jessica
2012The net generation, spirituality and social networking sites : implications for youth ministryMifsud, Anthony
2002Perceptions of young people to breastfeedingAttard, Rita Anna
2019Recreational benzodiazepine use within the younger population : the practitioners‘ perspectiveScicluna, Isaac
2013A retrospective study of the experience of young adults who pass through parental separation and their parents' formation of new relationshipsGalea, Kimberly Denise
2019Risk awareness of delayed childbearing among young people in tertiary educationCuschieri, Isabelle
2013Secularization among Maltese University studentsEbejer, Bernice (2013)
2020Social media use, loneliness and interpersonal confidence in young adultsDebono, Andre (2020)
2008Sportswear brand loyalty : a study among young Maltese respondentsCassar, Ruben (2008)
2017Why do young Maltese people choose to be activeScicluna, Oliver
2014The young Maltese habitual tourist : an exploratory studyBonnici, Christopher
2011Young people's perception of social classSpiteri, Ann Julene (2011)
2005Young people's views of nursing as a careerMifsud, Romina
2020Young people’s perception of the influence of the past on their present livesCalleja, Aidan (2020)
2015Youth sections in Maltese band clubs : a study of their evolutionCauchi, Keith (2015)