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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-123D video coding and transmissionDebono, Carl James; Assuncao, P. A. A.
2013An adaptive Lagrange multiplier technique for multi-view video plus depth codingCordina, Mario; Debono, Carl James
2010An analysis on the effect of transmission errors in real-time H.264-MVC bit-streamsMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James
2016-06Broadcasting free-viewpoint television over long-term evolution networksZarb, Terence; Debono, Carl James
2016-07A depth map rate control algorithm for HEVC Multi-View : video plus depthCordina, Maria; Debono, Carl James
2014Depth-based image processing for 3d video rendering applicationsZarb, Terence; Debono, Carl James
2012Efficient depth image compression using accurate depth discontinuity detection and predictionFarrugia, Reuben A.
2010Error concealment techniques for multi-view videoMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James
2014An evaluation of multi-view video transmission performance on long term evolution networksEllul, Gloria-Anne; Debono, Carl James
2012Improved depth maps coding efficiency of 3D videosMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James; Farrugia, Reuben A.
2013Low complexity disparity estimation for immersive 3D video transmissionMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James; Farrugia, Reuben A.
2011Performance of enhanced error concealment techniques in multi-view video coding systemsMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James; Farrugia, Reuben A.
2014-02Reducing 3D video coding complexity through more efficient disparity estimationMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James; Farrugia, Reuben A.