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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adolescents' perceptions of HIV and AidsMicallef, Mariella
2010AIDS/HIV : 'The politics of prevention' : a case study of the Sub-Saharan African regionGrech, Demelsa (2010)
2017Applications of phase type survival trees in HIV disease progression modellingGafa, Marija; Garg, Lalit; Masala, Giovanni; McClean, Sally
1997-10Co-ordinating drug and HIV policies : the challenges facing public health planners and professionalsRawaf, Salman; Al-Khudhairy, Mariam
2013Creating a high-throughput screening database to propose ligands capable of modulating the HIV-1 protease receptorMicallef, Chantelle; Shoemake, Claire; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
1987-03Editor's letter [Medi-Scope : issue 10 editorial]Bugeja, Mark
2016HIV and AIDS : MPSA updateZarb, Jessica
2015HIV disease progression modelling using phase type survival treesGafa`, Marija
1986-04Il-Pulizija : volume 6, no. 2 : 1986Attard, A.; Malta Police Force
1986-10Il-Pulizija : volume 6, no. 5 : 1986Calleja, Joe; Malta Police Force
1986-12Il-Pulizija : volume 6, no. 6 : 1986Calleja, Joe; Malta Police Force
2002-04Il-Ħajja f'Għawdex : volume 838 : 2002Catholic Church. Diocese of Gozo (Malta)
1999The mass media in AIDS awareness campaignsCremona, Brian J. (1999)
2012Neuroinflammation as the proximate cause of signature pathogenic pattern progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, AIDS, and multiple sclerosisAgius, Lawrence M.
2012Using phase type distributions for modelling HIV disease progressionGarg, Lalit; Masala, Giovanni; McClean, Sally; Micocci, Marco; Cannas, Giuseppina