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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Academic achievement in a rural community : the case study of a rural village in the West of MaltaCaruana, Duncan; Cilia, Manuel
1997Academic performance in secondary school subjects predicted from students' previous performances, attributions and attitudesAgius, Phaedra; Fenech, Mariella
2006ADHD : coping at school - a case studyMoffett, Lynne (2006)
2000An analysis of the differences in study habits between secondary and post-secondary school studentsGalea, Antoine (2000); Izzi-Savona, Sergio (2000)
1981The attainment of boys and girls in relation to teacher's sexSchembri, Maria (1981)
1999Attitudes and achievement of Chemistry students in Junior LyceumsDebono, Pierre (1999)
2020A comparative study of the perceptions of year 10 teachers and students on how the teacher-student relationship influences academic achievementMercieca, Nadia (2020)
1997Creativity and achievement in primary school childrenDebrincat, Pauline (1997)
2013Educational achievement : does parental cultural capital make a differenceSchembri, Maria Paola
2017Educational success for people with disability : what factors facilitated their achievements?Vella, Roseanne
2019The effect of substance abuse on academic progressDebattista, Marie-Angela
1994The effects of age, sex and absenteeism on attainment in Year VFrancalanza, Rachel (1994)
1994The effects of age, sex and absenteeism on attainment in Year VIFenech, Antoinette (1994)
2020The effects of implicit theories of intelligence on goal orientation and academic achievement amongst Maltese University studentsDesira, Erika (2020)
2021-06English language proficiency and overall academic performance : a question of inclusive practice in Maltese vocational educationZammit, Nadya; Muscat-Inglott, Matthew
2019Exploring homophobic bullying and its potential effect on educationZarb, Jeanette
2015Fundamental motor skills, physical activity levels and academic achievement in Maltese middle school childrenMuscat, Brenda; Saliba, Henriette
2003Gender and age-position effects in four Advanced Matriculation examinations : a cross-sectional studySchembri, Josef (2003); Schembri, Marisa (2003)
1994Geography in Maltese Junior Lyceums : attitudes and achievementDeguara, Lina (1994)
1992High school achievement among working class students in Junior LyceumsGrima, Charles (1992)