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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Algae farmHili, Alexander
2019Algal substratum preferences of the alien Foraminiferan amphistegina lobifera in shallow waterAgius, Daryl; Evans, Julian; Schembri, Patrick J.
2010Assessment of the ecological status of Maltese coastal waters using the Rhodophyta/Phaeophyta Mean Ratio Index (R/P Rt. I.)Azzopardi, Marthese; Schembri, Patrick J.
1999-06The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 3, part 1]Nature Trust (Malta)
2002-12The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 3, part 4]Nature Trust (Malta)
2002-12A contribution to the freshwater macroalgal flora of the Maltese IslandsLanfranco, Edwin
1997Contribution to the knowledge of benthic marine algae on rocky substrata of the Maltese Islands (Mediterranean Sea)Cormaci, Mario; Lanfranco, Edwin; Borg, Joseph A.; Buttigieg, Sylvana; Furnari, Giovanni; Micalle, Shirley; Mifsud, Carmen; Pizzuto, F.; Scammacca, Blasco; Serio, Donatella
2007-03-27Exploring the use of rocky shore macroalgae as indicators of environmental conditionAzzopardi, Marthese; Schembri, Patrick J.
2015First record of Acrothamnion preissii (Rhodophyta : Ceramiaceae) from the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean Sea)Evans, Julian; Farrugia Drakard, Veronica; Schembri, Patrick J.
2009-12Habitat structure and biological characteristics of a maerl bed off the northeastern coast of the Maltese Islands (central Mediterranean)Sciberras, Marija; Rizzo, Miraine; Mifsud, Jael R.; Camilleri, Katielena; Borg, Joseph A.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Schembri, Patrick J.
2016Influence of nutrient enrichment and turbidity on macroalgal species composition of fouling assemblages in the Maltese IslandsFarrugia Drakard, Veronica; Lanfranco, Sandro; Schembri, Patrick J.
2015It was only a matter of time : occurrence of Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agardh var. distichophylla (Sonder) Verlaque, Huisman and Procaccini in the Maltese Islands (Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae, Caulerpaceae)Schembri, Patrick J.; Barbara, Jacqueline; Deidun, Alan; Lanfranco, Edwin; Lanfranco, Sandro
1999-06Maerl-forming coralline algae and associated phytobenthos from the Maltese IslandsLanfranco, Edwin; Hall-Spencer, Jason; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2014-09Morphometric heterogeneity of temporary pools in Malta and its effect on species and life-form richness: implications for management and restorationSammut, Sheryl; Briffa, Kelly; Lanfranco, Sandro
2013Now you see it now you don't : presence of Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Chlorophyta, Caulerpales) in the Maltese IslandsBarbara, Jacqueline; Borg, Joseph A.
1966Photosynthesis and growth of udotea, a green alga from deep waterDrew, E.A.; Larkum, Anthony W.D.
2001Structure of rhodolith grounds from off the northeastern coast of Malta with special reference to habitat architecture and the effect of disturbanceMifsud, Jael Rhoda
2000The structure, composition and seasonal changes of a Cystoseira spinosa v. tenuior assemblage at Delimara (S.E. Malta)Mifsud, Carmela