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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advanced AI for enemy management in digital gamesBeshovski, Georgi Hristov
2002Algorithms for computing the regression coefficients : recommendationsHombas, Vassilis C.
2017Analysing the implications of algorithmic high frequency trading on the bid-ask spread in commodity marketsCutajar, Christopher
2018Analysis of solar photovoltaic system operating under partial shading conditionsBorg, Glen
2016Art recommendation APPZammit Stevens, Jade
2019Audio effects library for Digital Signal ProcessorSpiteri, Julian
2015Automatic detection of pathologies in the human brainMicallef, Daniel
2016Automatic recognition of historical buildings in Valletta using smartphone technologyAgius, Donna
2019Big social data : predicting users’ interests from their Social Networking activitiesEngerer, Bernhardt David
2018Can forex algorithmic trading based on technical analysis generate abnormal returns?Spagnol, Luke
2017Characterisation of ultrasonic sensors for vehicle occupancy detectionPsaila, Abigail
2015Computational intelligence for the prediction of financial marketsGruesgen, Gerrit
2012Considerations for monitoring highly concurrent systemsMizzi, Ruth; Colombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Pace, Gordon J.
2015A constructive approach for the generation of underwater environmentsAbela, Ryan; Liapis, Antonios; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2017A cooling fan speed controller for energy efficient temperature control of a race car engineMangion, Jeanluc
2015Data visualisation of data patterns extracted from business processesBorg, Justin
2014Deep multimodal fusion : combining discrete events and continuous signalsMartinez, Hector P.; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2014-08Designer modeling for sentient sketchbookLiapis, Antonios; Yannakakis, Georgios N.; Togelius, Julian
2015Detection of outliers : a data mining approachFiott, Theresa
2015Detection of outliers : a data mining approachFiott, Theresa