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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017AndroNeo : hardening Android malware sandboxes by predicting evasion heuristicsLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua
2014CASPER : hybrid context aware POI and event recommenderTabone, Jean Paul (2014)
2017Educational aspects of current mobile applicationsSakaeva, Liliya R.; Eremeeva, Guzel R.; Baranova, Alfiya R.
2017Enhancing android malware sandboxes with anti-evasion code patchingLeguesse, Yonas
2017Extending Android's binder as a basis for application monitoringLaferla, Giancarlo
2023The impact of Android UI attacks on malware forensic footprintsBugeja, Manwel (2023)
2017Leveraging automated test case distribution and execution to mitigate the test scenario explosion problem on android mobile devicesAttard, Sebastian
2011Location-based recommendation systemBonanno, Miriam (2011)
2023Memory forensics of android backdooring based on App virtualizationGalea, Enrique Anthony (2023)
2017Memory forensics of insecure android inter-app communicationsVella, Mark Joseph; Cilia, Rachel
2012On and off body sensor fusion for a 3d motion controllerZammit, Joseph (2012)
2023Responding to stealthy attacks on android using timely-captured memory dumpsBellizzi, Jennifer (2023)
2016Threat analysis of android capability leaksCilia, Rachel
2023Using infrastructure-based agents to enhance forensic logging of third-party applicationsBellizzi, Jennifer; Vella, Mark; Colombo, Christian; Hernandez-Castro, Julio
2018Volatile memory-centric investigation of SMS-hijacked phones : a Pushbullet case studyVella, Mark Joseph; Rudramurthy, Vishwas