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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Anglo-Maltese hybridity : fragments of an anthropological autobiographyAndrews, Angèle Ann (2001)
2013Balancing between patronage and professionalism : an ethnographic account of lawyering in MaltaZammit, David E.
2000Behaviour and symbol amongst Levantine Middle Palaeolithic populations : a focus on the Neanderthals vis-a-vis their early modern human contemporariesScerri, Eleanor (2000)
1926-12Is-semin u l-ilsien tagħhomZarb, Serafin M.
2005Lectures 1 : refugees and immigrants : the view from anthropologyFsadni, Ranier; Falzon, Mark Anthony; Clough, Paul; Zammit, David
2005Lectures 1 : the politics of space in Malta and BombayFalzon, Mark Anthony
2009Lectures 12 : program 10 : music and the global orderWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Stokes, Martin
2009Lectures 12 : program 8 : on performing statuesWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mitchell, Jon P.
2009Lectures 13 : program 4 : cookery books and Maltese national ideologyWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Pisani, Elise
2010Lectures 14 : program 11 : non-self help : how immunology is re-framing the enlightenmentWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Napier, David
2010Lectures 14 : program 13 : Gramsci : the southern question and the MediterraneanWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mayo, Peter
2010Lectures 14 : program 14 : NeanderthalWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Callus, Ivan
2010Lectures 14 : program 8 : conflict management among irregular immigrants : the micro politics of intercultural respectWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Clough, Paul
2010Lectures 14 : program 9 : is this play? Maltese children's negotiations of play in a drama classroomWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Attard, Sharon
2011Lectures 16 : program 13 : from Albanophobia to Romanophobia : migrant moral panics and Italy's anxious re-attachments to BerlusconiWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mai, Nick
2011Lectures 16 : program 14 : the international aspects of the Libyan crisisLaw Debating Society; Gh.S.L.; ELSA Malta
2011Lectures 16 : programs 11 and 12 : meaning, language and the understanding of culturesCooper, David
2011Lectures 17 : program 10 : conversion narratives in the Roman Inquisition 1650-1700Malta Historical Society; Ciappara, Frans
2011Lectures 17 : program 8 : music and emotion in ancient Greece and ChinaThe Malta Classics Association; Cooper, David
2011Lectures 17 : program 9 : an interview with past Governer Attilio BrunoBruno, Attilio; Salomone, Patricia