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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The 1989 changes in central and eastern Europe : lessons for the Arab nations?Jones, Anthony
2014The African Union and the responsibility to protect in LibyaEbejer, Shaun
2016Algeria : riots, but no springSaydon, Giulia
2013The analysis of the Turkish model of governance and its relevance to the Arab world in a post-Arab spring contextBorg, Liliana (2013)
2012The Arab regional system and the Arab springMaddy Weitzman, Bruce
2011-08Arab revolutions and armed forces : between openness and resistanceLutterbeck, Derek
2012The Arab revolutions of 2011 : revolutions of dignityEyadat, Zaid
2012The Arab Spring : digitial youth and the challenge of workHerrera, Linda; Mayo, Peter
2020The Arab Spring and the Post-Arab Spring (2011-19) : an assessment of the European responseKhader, Bichara; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2013Arab Spring à l'algérienneLutterbeck, Derek; Tlemçani, Rachid
2011Arab Uprisings and armed forces : between openness and resistanceLutterbeck, Derek
2013Arab uprisings, armed forces and civil-military relationsLutterbeck, Derek
2012Between Russia and the EU : lessons from the orange revolution in UkraineHaran, Olexiy
2023A case study on EU-North African relations : EU-Egypt relations on democracy prior to and following the Arab SpringShokry Iskandar, Tarniem (2023)
2015Changing capitalism in the Arab and Muslim WorldPace, Roderick; Thede, Susanna; Harwood, Mark
2012The changing role of civil society in the Euro-Mediterranean areaSpencer, Claire
2015Chaos theory in politics - a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
2014-01Civil society and transformation processes : Germany´s transformation partnerships with Tunisia and EgyptKreft, Heinrich
2012Civil society, youth and the Arab springHalaseh, Rama
2012De-marginalisation in the wake of the 2011 Arab uprisings : democratic and Islamist narratives in Tunisia and the prospects for Euro-Mediterranean relationsFarrugia, Massimo R. (2012)