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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing energy efficiency of a typical residential apartment blockYousif, Charles
2012Asset and operational energy performance rating of a modern apartment in MaltaYousif, Charles; Diez Mucientes, R.; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2012Beyond national minimum standards : a comparison of the traditional HCB and the AB thermablockBuhagiar, Vincent; Tonna, George
2015Development of a thermally improved hollow concrete blockCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Grima, Charlon
2016The effect of different glazing apertures on the thermal performance of Maltese buildingsCaruana, Trevor F.; Yousif, Charles
2005Energy efficient housing : a first case study for MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent; Yousif, Charles
2010Energy performance of residential buildings in MaltaYousif, Charles; Perez Garcia, Celia; Javier Rey Martinez, Francisco
2015The ‘energy performance rating of dwellings in Malta’ (EPRDM) calculation tool – the EPB assessors’ perspectiveCamilleri, Elizabeth; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent
2019EPBD cost-optimal analysis for non-residential buildings in MaltaGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Barbara, Carmelo; Caruana, Trevor-Francis; Degiorgio, Matthew
2013Evaluation of design features to achieve higher energy efficiency for a modern office building in MaltaYousif, Charles; Cristobal Manchado, Maria
2019Feasibility study of a heat recovery system in an office building in MaltaCutajar, Aaron; Gatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Camilleri, Liberato
2010Feasibility study of energy-efficient buildings : today's solution to curb future energy demandCamilleri, Ann-Marie
2010Feasibility study of the first energy-efficient housing project in MaltaCamilleri, Ann-Marie; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Vincent
2016Intelligent retrofitting of a primary school building in MaltaGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Scicluna, Simon; Camilleri, Alexandra; Portelli, Robert; Chircop, John; Vella, Roberta; Cutajar, Aaron; Schembri, Maurizio; Borg, Nadine; Mifsud, James
2011Low-cost, high gains in the Maltese built environment : a case study of an energy efficient social housing projectYousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Vincent; Camilleri, A.; Vazquez Fernandez, Carlos
2012Modelling and simulating the effects of the use of insulated building fabric in a multi-storey Maltese residential buildingBorg, Simon P.; Kelly, Nicolas J.; Rizzo, Krista
2018Monitoring indoor temperatures of places of worship : a first step towards energy sustainabilityVella, Roberta; Yousif, Charles; Martinez, Francisco Javier Rey
2013The new brewhouse, Mriehel : environmental control through natural ventilation and shading devicesCaruana Smith, Greta; Miceli Farrugia, Alberto; Cristobal, Maria; Yousif, Charles
2018Performance gap between asset and operational energy performance rating for non-residential buildingsVassallo, P. L.; Yousif, Charles; Abela, Alan
2014Policy options for the thermal upgrade of existing Maltese housing stock : an environmental and economic approachSaliba, Joseph; Weissenbacher, Manfred