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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-06-02Beyond the representation of the female nudeLagana, Louis
2015-12Creative playgroundDuca, Edward
1969-09Dwar l-artiCassola, Albert M.
1969-06Dwar l-artiCassola, Albert M.
2020The exploration of virtual reality technologies as an artistic post-mediumPolidano, Emanuel
2015Gabu bidla : program 15Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joe
2007Grajjet bahartna 2 : program 4-6Xuereb, Charles
1952Il-fidwa tad-dinjaAquilina, Guze
2018Il-politika fl-arti viziva : programs 1-17Vassallo, Mario Thomas
1958-03L-arti sagraTabone, A.
2005Lectures 1 : contemporary art : public relations or public nuisance?Vella, Raphael
2012Lectures 18 : program 12 : food and wine, love and deathPalazzo Falson Historic House Museum; Varriano, John
2013Lectures 20 : program 11 : edible art and erudition in the Italian renaissancePalazzo Falson Historic House Museum; Variano, John
2014Lectures 22 : program 11 : a Renaissance palace in the makingOffice of the President of Malta; Vella, Therese
2014Lectures 22 : program 7 : events that shook the palaceOffice of the President of Malta; Bonello, Giovanni
2014Lectures 22 : program 9 : political developments in the tapestry chamber since 1921Office of the President of Malta; Bonnici, Alfred
2006Lectures 6 : program 9Augustinian Institute; Friggieri, Joe
2018Modern typography : a qualitative analysis of the way text functions as artCamilleri, Emma
1991The museum as an audio-visual cultural centreCachia, Francis
2012-06Punk, Shakespeare, and Stand-up ComedyBonello Rutter Giappone, Krista