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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201610-15 years old children living in Malta are at higher risk for developing allergic respiratory diseases than those living in Southern SicilyDrago, Gaspare; Balzan, Martin; Ruggieri, Silvia; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Colombo, Paolo; Piva, Giuseppe; Cuttitta, Giuseppina; Bucchieri, Salvatore; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni; Cibella, Fabio
2016Association between obstructive sleep apnea and atopy in adult Maltese patientsGouder, Caroline; Fsadni, Peter; Vella, Claire; Gauci, Jonathan; Fsadni, Claudia; Gouder, Simon; Deguara, Christopher; Montefort, Stephen
2004Association of asthma and allergic rhinitis with celiac diseaseEllul, Pierre; Vassallo, Mario; Montefort, Stephen
2015Chemical fingerprint of outdoor PM2.5 in MaltaBalzan, Martin V.; Cibella, Fabio; Zammit, Christopher; Bilocca, David; Perrino, Cinzia; Canepari, Silvia; Scaccianoce, Gianluca; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2011A decrease in the prevalence and improved control of allergic conditions in 13- to 15-yr-old Maltese children (ISAAC)Montefort, Stephen; Ellul, Pierre; Montefort, Maxine; Caruana, Simone; Agius Muscat, Hugo
2020Effects of household indoor air quality and environment on respiratory health of Maltese familiesBilocca, David (2020)
2012Evaluation of the effectiveness of plant-based formulations on improvement of symptoms and lung function in asthmaVella, Victoria
1996Exercise in the management of asthmaZarb, Reuben (1996)
1997Hospitalization of adults for asthma and inhaled corticosteroid use in an island populationCacciottolo, Joseph M.; Balzan, M. V.; Buhagiar, A.
2004The impact of guidelines on long-term asthma care : a study of hospitalised patients in MaltaTonna, Antonella; McCaig, Dorothy J.; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.
2015Impact of school indoor air quality on children's respiratory health in Maltese primary schoolsFsadni, Peter
1998Investigating the nature and extent of health education given in paediatric medical wards to parents of asthmatic childrenCauchi, Doreen
2012ISAAC Malta : changes in geographical distribution of wheezing children in Malta between 1994 and 2002Fsadni, Peter; Ellul, Pierre; Montefort, Maxine; Caruana, Simone; Agius Muscat, Hugo; Montefort, Stephen
2015Outdoor PM2.5 chemical composition in 3 areas with urban/rural difference in prevalence of respiratory diseasesCibella, Fabio; Balzan, Martin V.; Perrino, Cinzia; Scaccianoce, Gianluca; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Drago, Gaspare; Ruggieri, Silvia; Canepari, Silvia; Minardi, Remo; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2021Pharmacist-led monitoring of patients with respiratory diseaseCaruana, Christy (2021)
2010Pulmonary rehabilitation : insight into current trendsSciriha, Anabel; Montefort, Stephen
2019Self-reported satisfaction of patients receiving omalizumab for severe allergic asthma in MaltaGouder, Caroline; Gouder, Simon; Montefort, Stephen
1995A study of the antioxidant status in Maltese patients suffering from bronchial asthmaFenech, Anthony (1995)
2014Total serum IgE and specific IgE levels in 10-15 year old children with respiratory symptoms and healthy controls in Sicily and MaltaBalzan, Martin; Bilocca, David; Zammit, Christopher; Cibella, Fabio; Colombo, Paolo; Longo, Valeria; Borg, Charles; Piva, Giuseppe; Montefort, Stephen; Viegi, Giovanni
2004The use of a non-sedating antihistamine in a hyperbaric environmentPace, Tamsin; Mifsud, Janet; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Fenech, A.; Cali-Corleo, R.