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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Addition of organocerium reagents to morpholine amides : synthesis of important pheromone components of achaea janataBadioli, Michele; Ballini, Roberto; Bartolacci, Massimo; Bosica, Giovanna
2020Adopting the euro will cause an increase in prices : a study on inflationary processes in euro area member statesNowaczyk, Piotr; Hernik, Joanna
1999Fast nitroaldol reaction using powdered KOH in dry mediaBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Parrini, Mauro
2011Life-oriented design support by a specification and synthesis decision consequence approachGalea, Amanda (2011)
1996A Michael route to acetals and thioacetals : preparation of acetals (thioacetals) of 2-sulfonylacetaldehyde from alkynyl and other unsaturated aryl sulfonesCossu, Sergio; De Lucchi, Ottorino; Fabris, Fabrizio; Ballini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1994A new stereoselective synthesis of (E)-α-β-Unsaturated-γ-dicarbonyl compounds by the Henry reactionBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1995A new, very short preparation of 3-benzoylcyclohexanone, a key building block in ketoprofen synthesisBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1996Nitroalkanes as alkyl anion synthons - a new approach to the synthesis of 2-substituted n-ethyl succinimides and 2-substituted succinate diesters via nitroalkanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
1998A one pot, solvent-free synthesis of acyclic α-nitro ketones through the nitroaldol reactionBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Parrini, Mauro
2017One-Pot Aza-Friedel–Crafts reaction on amberlyst 15-supported silicotungstic acidBosica, Giovanna; Abdilla, R.
2018One-pot multicomponent nitro-Mannich reaction using a heterogeneous catalyst under solvent-free conditionsBosica, Giovanna; Zammit, Ramon
1994A simple, efficient, two-step synthesis of symmetric 2,7-dialkyl-1,6-dioxaspiro[4.4]nonanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Uselli, Alessandra
2001Stereoselective synthesis of (E)-4-alkylidenecyclopent-2-en-1-ones by a tandem ring closure−michael addition−eliminationBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Gil, Maria Victoria; Petrini, Marino
2000Synthesis of (E)-3-alkylidenepyrrolidines by nucleophilic ring closure of (E)-2-alkylidene-1,4-diol derivativesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Mase, Aldo; Petrini, Marino
1994Synthesis of 1-phenylheptane-1,5-dione, a new natural product found in phellinus tremulaeBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna
2001Synthesis of functionalized nitrocyclohexene derivatives from 2-nitrocycloalkanones, via anionic domino reactionsBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Gil, Maria Victoria; Petrini, Marino
2001Three-component process for the synthesis of 2-amino-2-chromenes in aqueous mediaBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Conforti, Maria Lina; Maggi, Raimondo; Mazzacani, Alessandro; Righi, Paolo; Sartori, Giovanni
2015Unprecedented one-pot multicomponent synthesis of propargylamines using Amberlyst A-21 supported CuI under solvent-free conditionsBosica, Giovanna; Gabarretta, John