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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Administering cognitive tests through touch screen tablet devices : potential issuesJenkins, Amy; Lindsay, Stephen; Eslambolchilar, Parisa; Thornton, Ian M.; Tales, Andrea
2017Are foraging patterns in humans related to working memory and inhibitory control?Johannesson, Omar I.; Kristjansson, Arni; Thornton, Ian M.
2001Attention-based visual routines : spritesCavanagh, Patrick; Labianca, Angela T.; Thornton, Ian M.
2010Attentional networks and biological motionChandrasekaran, Chandramouli; Turner, Lucy; Bulthoff, Heinrich H.; Thornton, Ian M.
2016Attitudes towards attention and aging : what differences between younger and older adults tell us about mobile technology designJenkins, Amy; Eslambolchilar, Parisa; Lindsay, Stephen; Hare, Monika; Thornton, Ian M.; Tales, Andrea
2015Do people “pop out”?Mayer, Katja M.; Voung, Quoc C.; Thornton, Ian M.
2018Does the human form provide an advantage for directing search and improving retention of information during web-based search?Brun, Charlotte
2018An ERP study for exploring illusory motionStivala, Rebecca
2014Interactive multiple object tracking (iMOT)Thornton, Ian M.; Bulthoff, Heinrich H.; Horowitz, Todd S.; Rynning, Aksel; Lee, Seong-Whan
2016Mindfulness, buddhist thought, attention and well-being : an empirical study of the effects of mindfulness meditation on attention, cognitive flexibility and self-reported well-beingHartkamp, Mirjam
2004The multi-item localization (MILO) task : measuring the spatiotemporal context of vision for actionThornton, Ian M.; Horowitz, Todd S.
2018The role of visual and semantic similarity in the allocation of visual attentionMehraeen, Sina
2021The therapeutic value of the sea and its impact on health and wellbeingSatariano, Bernadine
2016Visual foraging with fingers and eye gazeJohannesson, Omar I.; Thornton, Ian M.; Smith, Irene J.; Chetverikov, Andrey; Kristjansson, Arni