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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022"Ads are chasing me!" : Applying the advertising value model and the theory of planned behaviour to retargeted advertisementsDe Battista, Ivan; Curmi, Franco; Konietzny, Jirka
2015An application of the theory of planned behavior : investigating recycling intentions among university of Malta studentsBorg, Anna (2015)
2013Attitudes and behaviour towards drink driving amongst a sample of university studentsCacciottolo, Larissa
2009Attitudes of health care professionals concerning the spirituality of patients suffering from dementia (in Malta).Saliba, Therese
2013Attitudes of University students toward cannabisGaerty, Nicole
2013Attitudes towards gun control amongst Maltese university studentsPetroni, Julian
2014Autism disorder or difference? : a local study on the perceptions of professionals working in the autism fieldBugeja, Rose Marie
2013Beliefs and attitudes on antibiotic use in Malta : informing intervention strategiesVella, Helen
2013Binge drinking : investigating the role of past behaviour in the theory of planned behaviourCamilleri, Ritianne
2014Challenges and policy concerns for health systems in small European statesAzzopardi Muscat, Natasha; Grech, K.; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2000Cheers! Drink to everyone's health : attitudes of young people towards alcohol consumption.Sammut, Marvic
1999A comparative study of educational attitudes between first, second and third level nurses working in psychiatric practice in Malta.Incorvaja, Joseph
2010A comparative study of lifestyles, diets, and Body Mass Index of members of the Vegetarian Society of Malta.Ariff Scicluna, Sabrina
2014A comparative study of the functional attitudes of residents in high-end and low-end areasCamenzuli, Greta
2020Conditions for attitudes towards native culture, religion and church and religiously motivated ethicsCzerniawska, Miroslawa; Szydlo, Joanna
2014Coping styles and attitudes toward counselling among University studentsBondin, Erica
2013Creating a learning organisation to enable attitudinal change : a case study of a department within the Ministry for HealthSpiteri, Ruth Maria
2017Disability and sport : the experiences of athletes and their coachesCauchi, Dorianne
2015The effects of expectancy in personality judgment through the interviewing processBorg, Petra
2014An exploration of attitudes towards education : a case study of the University of MaltaChurch, Marie-Clare