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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Accounting for the level of success of firms in achieving their objectives for using derivativesBezzina, Frank; Grima, Simon; Falzon, Joseph
2013An analytical review of internal audit coverage of strategic and reputation risksScerri, Tracy
2019-07Audit retention versus audit rotation : an update of the debateZubairu, Umaru; Ochepa, Abdulhafeez; Umar, Hadiza; Kolo, Ruth; Umar, Jaafar; Usman, Asma’u
2013Barriers to Maltese internal audit units and their work : an nalysis of public limited liability companiesCaligari, Kristina
2016A comparative analysis of the EU public sector internal audit methodology and requirementsFaitusa, Ivita; Grima, Simon; Baldacchino, Peter J.
2013Controls at point of sale systems in selected Maltese restaurantsZerafa, Bernard
2019-07The effect of internal audit system on institutional governance level in businessesGungormus, Ali Haydar
2015Evaluating the internal control system in SMEs and a study of the manufacturing industry in KayseriTanc, Ahmet; Ozhan, Adil
2011An evaluation of the internal audit function at a major government agency : a case studyCutajar, Mariel
2010An evaluation of the internal IT audit function within local banksGrech, Ingrid
2016An evaluation with regard to members of accounting professionals : the effect of culture on internal auditingTosunoglu, Busra; Yesilcelebi, Gul
2011An external corporate social responsibility audit framework for large Maltese companiesFrendo, Sara
2010The impact of IT on internal audit in government entitiesGauci, Christian
2016Internal audit activities as a support to governance processesTusek, Boris; Barisic, Ivana
2013The internal audit function as a management training ground in Malta : an analysisAttard, Joelene
2011The internal audit function of major banks in Malta and its role in risk managementPsaila, Christine
2011Internal auditing as a career in accountancy profession : an assessmentBezzina, Bernardette
2010The internal auditor-management relationship in Maltese companies : an analysisMartin, Noemi
2016Modelling fraud prevention processTomas, Darko; Todorovic, Igor
2012Overcoming barriers between the internal and external audit functions in MaltaZammit, Sharon; Baldacchino, Peter J.