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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-05-16The age of misinformationDeidun, Alan
2012-07-29Amateurs in ParliamentDeidun, Alan
2014Applications of hydrodynamic models for modeling drifting jellyfish blooms around the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan
2008Assessing inter-beach differences in semi-terrestrial arthropod assemblages on Maltese pocket sandy beaches (Central Mediterranean)Deidun, Alan; Schembri, Patrick J.
2014Assessing the socio-economic impact of jellyfish blooms on tourists at various beaches/coastal locations around the Maltese islandsTanti, Gwyneth; Deidun, Alan
2020An assessment of entomofauna diversity on managed and non-managed beaches : a comparative studyCilia, Mathias Florin (2020)
2019Automatic parametrisation of beached microplasticsGauci, Adam; Deidun, Alan; Galea, Anthony; Montebello, John
2007Banquette faunal assemblages from groomed and ungroomed beaches in the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan; Saliba, Stephen; Schembri, Patrick J.
2017Bathing area safety in the Maltese Islands with special emphasis on jellyfish-related injuriesDimech, Sean
2011A beach integrity index based on vegetationMicallef, Maria
2013Beach management : a comparative study in addressing beach pollution in MaltaSapienza, Lucia
2007-08-19The buck stops at landsDeidun, Alan
2014Can we predict the dispersal path of a jellyfish bloom?Cucco, Andrea; Cucco, Andrea; Umgiesser, Georg; Umgiesser, Georg; Drago, Aldo; Drago, Aldo; Cutajar, Denis; Gauci, Adam; Azzopardi, Joel; Deidun, Alan
2013Comparative median grain size assessment through three different techniques for sandy beach deposits on the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Deidun, Alan; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Segina, Ela; Gauci, Adam; Gianni, Fabrizio; Gutierrez, Juan Angel; Sciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey
2002A comparison of tourist evaluation of beaches in Malta, Romania and TurkeyBlakemore, F. Brian; Williams, Allan T.; Coman, Claudia; Micallef, Anton; Unal, Ozlem
2006Composition of the nocturnal motile fauna from the upper infralittoral fringe of sandy beaches in the Maltese Islands : are there any implications for conservation?Deidun, Alan; Schembri, Patrick J.
2009Considerations on the ecological role of wrack accumulations on sandy beaches in the Maltese Islands and recommendations for their conservation managementDeidun, Alan; Saliba, Stephen; Schembri, Patrick J.
2004-07-18Creating a sandy beach : a new experience for MaltaEbejer, John
2014The development of the MED-JELLY smart phone application in the Maltese islandsMicallef, Ludwig; Deidun, Alan; Cutajar, Denis; Gauci, Adam
2008Dispelling the ‘ecological desert’ perception of sandy beachesDeidun, Alan