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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysing SEBD using generalize linear multilevel mixed modelsCaruana, Owen (2016)
2008Approaches carers take in dealing with challenging behaviour in people with learning disabilitiesCiantar, Mary Josephine
2011Childhood maltreatment and adolescent mental health and behaviourMangion, Mariella
2006Children of alcoholics : issues and aspects of behavioural dysfunctionsCamilleri, Romina (2006)
1982Deborah, the first 1000 daysAgius, Carmel V (1982)
2017Financial advisors’ perceptions of ethical and effective attitudes and behaviour in their professionCatania, Gottfried
2006How do teachers and facilitators view the impact on their own behaviour of conduct disordered children in their classroom.Buhagiar, Rosette
2021Improving behaviour in children with autism : applied behaviour analysis vs standard managementMagri, Karen (2021)
2006Lectures 4 : program 11 : chew on this : exploring Maltese children's food and nutrition knowledge, perceptions and behaviorsJournal of Maltese Education Research; Piscopo, Suzanne
1998Memory performance in a novel ten-compartment water maze: normal behaviour and chlordiazepoxide-induced place learning impairment in ratsScerri, Charles
2009Nurses' perceptions of patients with challenging behaviour in a psycho-geriatric setting.Vidal, Noel
2004Pupil resilience in the classroom : a teacher's frameworkCefai, Carmel
2012Resilience-enhancing classrooms for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficultiesCefai, Carmel
2011Sixth form students' attitudes toward obesity in MaltaCauchi, Daniel
2001A study of Stanley Kubrick's analysis of the free will : determinism debate in A Clockwork OrangeCremona, Jonathan (2001)
2005Submitting responses to consultation papers issued by the Malta Communications Authority : an application of the theory of planned behaviourAgius, Diane (2005); Falzon, Mandy (2005)
2006Testing the theory of planned behaviour among adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Gatt, Sylvmarie
2012Which is more effective in treating children with ADHD : pharmacology or placebo?Camilleri, Isaura
2021Why it’s good to be good : the power of altruismSpiteri, Glen William