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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961The Biblical scholarship of P. P. SaydonSchembri, Joachim
1952Book chronicleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1949-04Book chronicleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1956-01Book chronicleLupi, Joseph
1954-01Book chronicleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1958Book chronicle : recent books on the liturgyLupi, Joseph
1951-01Book chronicle : some recent commentaries on the BibleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1948-11Book chronicle : some recent commentaries on the BibleThe Royal University Students' Theological Association
1988History of the Bible in Maltese 1822-1984Sant, C.
1957History of the Maltese BibleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1953-07The international congress of Old Testament scholars at CopenhagenSaydon, Pietru Pawl
2004Issues in Bible translation 2 : when tradition prevails over good parsing. Reconsidering the translation oils 53,11bAbela, Anthony
2004Issues in Bible Translation, 1 : Judith's ShadowAbela, Anthony
2006Issues in Bible Translation, 7 : translating ovτὀς in 2 John 7Abela, Anthony
1958Kif waslu ghandna l-Kotba MqaddsaZarb, Serafin M.
1964The Maltese translation of the BibleSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1961The merits of the Maltese translation of the Bible by Prof. P. P. SaydonSant, C.
1993Rev. W. Jowett u M.A. Vassalli - Wahda mill-ahhar ittri ta' M.A. Vassalli - L-ahhar jien u l-mewt ta' Vassalli - Studjuz u traditur - Taghrif gdid fuq M.A Vassalli : Cleardo Naudi u Giuseppe Canolo - M.A. Vassalli's soujourn in Rome (1788-1790) - Vassalli : a scholar and a reformer / interview by Joseph AquilinaSant, Karm
1953-07Short notesSaydon, Pietru Pawl
2006What are the outstanding problems and challenges that confront contemporary Bible interpretation and translation in Africa?Mojola, Aloo Osotsi